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Tartuffe     Character: "Tartuffe"     The Masquers, Pt. Richmond; Dir: Paul Shepard

"Keith Jefferds puts in perhaps his best performance, with unctuous voice and beady eye brightening at every chance to scavenge or usurp the fleshly wealth of the rich he preys on, a freelance spiritual adviser, a marvelous skulking coyote."
The Berkeley Daily Planet,  Ken Bullock

Private Fears in Public Places     Character: "Stewart"     Ross Valley Players; Dir: Rebecca Holt

"All six performers are wonderful in finding dimension and credibility in their characterizations.
Especially touching is Stewart (Keith Jefferds) as a desperately lonely real estate agent and Ambrose (Jim Fye) as a secretive hotel bartender."

"You hit a home run with Stewart: I thank you for the tireless way you approached the creation and realization of this wonderful character. Thank you for being my Stewart — we couldn't have done it without you!"
Rebecca Holt, Director

Hearbreak House     Character: "Boss Mangan"     Actors' Ensemble of Berkeley;
Director: Robert Estes

"Estes has found his cast; they all deserve a lot of credit. In particular,
Keith Jefferds outdid himself with a complete personification of the awful — and awfully funny — Mangan."
The Berkeley Daily Planet,  Ken Bullock

Art     Character: "Serge"     Altarena Playhouse, Alameda; Director: Stewart Lyle

"Collectively, Altarena's actors bring a great deal of comedy to the stage — highlighted by John Hale's (Marc) immediate charisma, Keith Jefferds' (Serge) wry comic sensibility and Matthew Lai's (Yvan) bumbling mania."
Alameda Sun


Moonlight & Magnolias     Character: "Ben Hecht"     Altarena Playhouse, Alameda;
Director: Stewart Lyle

"Keith Jefferds is subtle and convincing as Ben Hecht, the screenwriting superstar with a defensivness about his Jewishness... Jefferds attends to the little things..."
SF Examiner online,  John McMullen

Merry Wives of Windsor     Characters: "Dr. Caius" and "Bardoph"
Subterranean Shakespeare, Berkeley; Director: Katja Rivera

"Out of the fray comes Keith Jefferds as Dr. Caius. There's nothing like a Frenchman well-mocked, and Jefferds has the character down pat, all the way to the dramatically pronounced accent and his makeshift fleur-de-lis boxer shorts. Out of all the actors, Jefferds grants his character a bit of tenderness beside the self-mocking. His appearance on stage brightens up a play with its cast of clowns."
The Daily Californian,  Christine Borden
(link no longer posted by the source)

Almost, Maine     Char: "Pete" "Steve" "Phil" Dave"   Masquers, Pt. Richmond; Dir: Carol Reyes

"You did a wonderful audition and you are really finding great nuances in your roles and helping me get great depth out of your scenes."
Carol Reyes, Director

Our Town
    Character: "Editor Webb"     Ross Valley Players; Director: Bob Wilson

Production — Winner, 2007 BATCC Ensemble Award

"All have excellent New England accents, particularly Keith Jefferds... who gives an outstanding performance in the role of Mr. Webb."
Talkin' Broadway,  Richard Connema

Company Fat     Character: "Lipps"     Exit Theatre; Director/Playwright: Bill Levesque

"You have brought a life to Lipps that I couldn't have imagined. It has been such a great experience watching you develop the character."
Bill Levesque, Director